Image Guide

After placing your order you will receive a confirmation email. Please reply to the email with your fur friend’s photo. If you haven’t received a confirmation within 15 minutes simply email with your order number and photo(s).

Here is a small guide to help you in choosing the best picture for your pet portrait. I am definitely happy to help you select the best option if you wish to send multiple photos!


  • Make sure your pet’s entire face and neck is in the photo. (For full body purchases, ensure you have chosen a photo reflecting the pose you’d like without the body being cropped)
  • Ensure your photo is eye level with your pet unless you are wanting a specific angle.
  • Make sure your photo is taken in a well lit room or in natural daylight. We certainly don’t want to miss any special details!


  • Ears and neck are out of frame
  • Low resolution photo. 
  • Pet is laying down (unless this is the pose you want for a full body purchase or the entire bust is clearly able to be seen)
  • Props - if you have collars on I can work with ensuring that is not in your portrait, but bandanas and clothing prevent me from seeing the fur.

Your portrait is based completely on the provided photo so any change of mind or change of photo incurs a redesign cost.  If you’re not sure you can send me a few to pick from at and I’ll let you know what would work best or you can send your Instagram (don’t forget to follow ours! @petportraitsmuskoka) for us to look at and pick a good one that you can then send us the full resolution version to our email after.